By the sea…

“By the sea” was the first project I completed that combined 3D printing with other techniques…

Inspired by a small sign I spotted when visiting Ruth, my grief counsellor, in the early days after losing Gloria, I felt this would make a fitting addition to the “bric-a-brac” in the summerhouse.

The words were 3D printed, as was a jig (in multiple parts because the printer bed wasn’t big enough!) to assist in aligning the text and the positioning the screw holes.

The timber was a strip from an old waney edge larch lap fence panel that I had broken down for spares. It was carefully split along the grain to enhance the live edges and the ends snapped off. Finally, it was “tided up” with a sander, some rasps and coarse glass-paper to achieve the desired shape.

To create the “old driftwood” look the wood was “gently” burnt with a blowtorch and wire-brushed along the grain to create some character. A little liming wax and glass paper added the highlights, and the whole process was repeated where necessary to achieve the desired appearance.

The “words” were glued on using the jig for alignment, having located the desired position and marked and drilled the screw holes. A few coats of spray varnish were then applied.

The finished sign was mounted with No: 8 countersunk brass screws and cups with 3D printed wedges behind the sign to tilt it forward to sit at the desired angle between the rear wall and the roof of the summerhouse.

The text is 447 mm long and 37 mm high

Click to open the Fusion 360 Viewer
Click the image to open the Fusion 360 Viewer