Three Cane Topper

With my Roof Cane Supports in place it’s easy to Square (Japanese) Lash a vertical cane to the roof support to steady big plants…

The problem is we like to use Haxnicks Tomato Planters for tomatoes and cucumbers because they are more environmentally friendly than normal pots and give the root systems plenty of room to grow, but they each use three canes.

Whilst lashing one cane to the roof support is easy, lashing three is a pain, especially if you need to move a fully laden planter during the growing season.

Haxnix Tomato Planters

I experimented with various ideas to attach the tops of the canes including rubber balls and specially manufactured bell-shaped rubber mouldings. They all worked to a greater or lesser extent but tended to eventually fail when attached to the roof cane.

So, flushed with the success of printing bits and pieces to modify/repair stuff around the house, I came up with this solution. It took several test prints to get the design right, but this latest iteration happily holds the three planter canes together and easily attaches to the roof cane with a reusable cable tie…

Click to open the Fusion 360 Viewer
Click the image to open the Fusion 360 Viewer

The prototypes were printed in PLA and (so far) they appear to be standing up to the rigours of temperature and sunshine well. If (when?) they finally fail I will probably reprint them in PETG.