Garden Structures…

Design, structures and pea shingle turned our common-or-garden veg patch into something special – a “Vegetable Garden”.

I remember as a child, dad working the soil, complaining about the “thick yellow clay” and digging in loads of manure and compost every year. Unfortunately, the spot, chosen for the best sun, was made up mainly from the spoil from the excavation and site clearance for the property and contained a lot of builders “rubbish” with a minimal amount of topsoil spread on top. However, he persevered and, over the years, produced a good selection of fruit and vegetables.

By the time we moved into the property the veg patch had fallen into disuse and was full of weeds. We desperately wanted to resurrect it, and for the first couple of years I tried, but quickly learned that, because of the poor soil, there was little return for the huge effort required.

Raised beds were the perfect solution. With the ability to add more topsoil, tweaked specifically for the crop, just where it was needed, and working from a scaffold board laid across the bed frame where necessary, we had good a productive patch without compaction, for much less effort.

“Weedproof Membrane” and pea shingle paths between the beds kept the weeds at bay (and the “mud off my boots!”).

With careful planning over a few years, we created a Vegetable Garden that no only produced well, but was a joy to look at and work in as well.