About the Site

Yummy – Pi for tea!

By now you’ve probably realised that this website was created to share my love of the garden, and enhancing it using Fusion 360 as a design tool.

If we “lift the hood” a little and peek inside the site we find a “site-on-a-shoestring” made at minimal cost, a challenge to keep me occupied on days when the weather is too inclement to be out in the garden.

  • The site is hosted at home using my existing FTTC Broadband connectivity.
  • The site runs on a 4GB Raspberry Pi 4 Model B with a PoE Hat powered from my UPS supported network core.
  • The base operating system is Rasbrian, running Nginx, MariaDB, PHP and WordPress.
  • A firewall and a certificate from “LetsEncrypt” provides site security.
  • The only ongoing “paid for” services used are Domain Registration and Dynamic DNS because I needed to tie my chosen domain name to my Broadband Dynamic IP address.

Like the garden, I don’t think the website will ever be “finished”, there will always be things to update, add or tinker with, but it keeps me distracted when I’m not actually in the garden or designing /printing something for the garden…

About the Author

Out shopping on
the quad in Spain…

Hailing from Kent in the United Kingdom, Andy B. is a retired Electrical/Electronic Engineer and Local Government Tech Monkey… (Linux and Network Administrator and general Mr Fix-it), Mensan and Couch Potato…

He believes that “Real Engineers derive it from First Principles“.

Having served a four-year craft apprenticeship with the MoD he had a good grounding in practical engineering skills as well as the technical education to back it up. With qualifications in electrical, electronic and computer engineering as well as engineering management he was well placed to work with his peers around the UK.

He married Gloria at Tunbridge Wells Registry Office in June 1988.

Some years later, shortly after Glorias heart attack, he was informed he was to be relocated to the north of England. Instead, he resigned from the MoD and found an IT job in Local Government. The post didn’t provide much in the way of challenges and came with a 50% pay cut, but it was close(ish) to home and the hours were convenient (in the early days at least).

With a good grounding in computer engineering already, his previous practical experience made “getting his hands dirty” with network installation, maintenance and management a moderately simple task, and a good few years of Unix experience on small stand-alone systems made Linux Administration a simple step too.

He stayed in this role, missing his old MoD job, for just over 25 years, until taking early retirement in September 2016 to look after and spend more time at home with Gloria, whose pacemaker operation was performed on the day he retired.

About Gloria

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Looking good at 67…

The day I lost Gloria to heart failure in May 2019 part of me died with her. It was just two days after her 69th birthday, and many many years too soon. She was my friend, soulmate and inspiration. Wife too, but wife, or husband for that matter, aren’t big enough words to express our feelings for each other.

We were married just a month short of thirty-one glorious years and were together for nearly forty. In that time, whilst we bickered quite often (usually caused by others), it was almost always “Glo and me against the world.”

She used to call me “Cathy” after Cathy Bates in Misery, I could be a miserable git at times, but she also used to say: “Nobody likes a smart-arse, except me – and I married one!

Almost always cheerful, especially considering her later poor health, she could turn her hand to just about anything. She was an amazing cook, maker, exceptional theatrical and period costumier (with a real flair for Tudor gowns), gardener, and friend to anyone who needed one. The world is a much darker place without her…

People don’t understand how it feels to lose someone you’re very close to unless they’ve experienced it for themselves. No matter how hard they try they can’t comprehend real grief until it happens to them, something I don’t wish on anyone.

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Dearest Gloria…

Suffice to say there is now a massive “Gloria shaped hole” in my life, which may crumble a little around the edges in time, but will never be filled – no one is big enough. There’s just me and my memories now, I often wonder if I’ll ever be truly happy again.

To make matters worse, huge questions surrounded both the cause of her heart attack and poor after-care that we could never get straight answers to, but that’s just “something else” I’ve got to learn to live with now…